Let's start with a conversation! Email us at hello@moderntd.com to say hi, ask questions, and find time to talk.

Off-the-shelf content: Please contact us.
Custom content: it depends on the amount and type of content. We've worked on 18 month projects with a large scope and lots of fun, custom graphic design and interactive courses. We've worked on small projects focused on simply getting to the next level. The more information you share and the more conversations we have, the better we'll be able to create a detailed statement of work and the perfect price. 

Most of our partners are set up with project pricing with equal monthly invoices, avoiding a big cash flow hit at the beginning. We can also provide ongoing support as a virtual training department for a monthly retainer. Flexibility is important to us - let us know how billing would work best for you!

We have an example of off-the-shelf content on the website here and a custom course here. For more demos, message us at hello@moderntd.com so we can learn more about you and the best examples to share with you.

Yes. We produce video content in-house, including planning, scripting, onsite production, and post-production.

Nope. We love to talk about training. Message us at hello@moderntd.com.

We have a constantly evolving catalog of online courses. Learn more about them here. We also have a platform dedicated to craft beer sales training at Hopsonomy.

Absolutely. We want our content to blend right in with your brand, and we can easily customize logos, colors, and fonts. We can also use off-the-shelf content as a launch pad for hybrid content, adding and changing content to fit your policies and procedures. Since we're not starting from scratch, this can be a great way to move quickly on new content with less impact to your budget.

Yes! Both our off-the-shelf and custom content can be hosted on almost any LMS. We typically export content in Tincan or SCORM.

Here are our general recommendations on voiceover:
We generally don’t use voiceover that duplicates text on the screen.
The primary reason is that it forces a fixed pace on learners, inhibiting personalization of the learning experience and possibly reducing retention. Other reasons include difficulties in hearing due to workplace environment, audio hardware availability, learners with primary languages other than English, distracting from content on the screen, and making content updates more difficult.
Instead, we design engaging, interactive courses that keep learners’ attention and gives them opportunities to apply knowledge. We also include video when effective, providing an opportunity to deliver consistent messaging and engage learners visually and aurally. 

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