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Matt Nelson
CEO and Founder

Matt Nelson is the founder and CEO of Modern Training & Development, Inc., a team that creates premium learning content and custom training programs for restaurants, retail, breweries, and more. With over 25 years of experience, he has helped multi-unit operators of all sizes create and evolve their learning experiences.

Matt is also the author of The Renegade Cook, a skill-building book for the Back-of-the-House. Speaking directly to BOH team members, The Renegade Cook goes beyond culinary skills to share how to become a better teammate and develop into a future leader. It’s a great resource for restaurant leaders and trainers to elevate performance in the kitchen, develop a talent pipeline, and guide managers how to lead the BOH confidently.

Korey Rahrle
Sales and Success Manager

Korey has been working in the beer business for as long as he’s been legally able to drink beer. Even before graduating college, he was known for showing up to house parties with a 6 pack of something special, rather than indulging in the mass produced beer that was readily available. As a Certified Cicerone, he’s taken it upon himself to not only learn more about the world of craft beer, but also share what he’s learned with others eager to learn. For the past 10 years he’s worked for regional and nationally distributed breweries, as well as spending time as a consultant for businesses looking to improve their craft beer sales.

Angela Beemer
Lead Content Designer

From television to beer and everything in between, Angela’s passion is designing experiences that help people learn about what they love. She has dedicated the past ten years to developing and delivering effective and engaging sales and leadership training experiences for the television and broadcast industry. Angela has received several training industry awards including a silver Brandon C. Hall award for Best Sales Leadership Development Program as well as two gold Brandon C. Hall awards for Best Learning Program Supporting a Change Transformation Business Strategy and Best Use of Blended Learning.

Angela earned her Bachelor’s degree in Design, Marketing and Communications from Utah State University. On a warm evening, you will find her walking in Colorado’s natural beauty and looking at the stars with her telescope. When it’s time to head inside, she enjoys playing video and board games.

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We develop content from mobile courses to video to print materials and how they all fit together. We believe training should be fun, visually stunning, and easy to manage.

Online craft beer courses that teach your teams about craft beer and how to sell it.

The only book for the back-of-the-house, The Renegade Cook is a complete guide to becoming a leader in any professional kitchen.

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